Module 7: We Become What We Think!

“You are where your attention is. Your external life is a reflection of your attention. Whatever is going on in the outside world is a reflection of what is going on the inside. Live from the inside out and QUIT living from the outside in.” – Bob Proctor

Weeks Reading Material

Now that you have a better understanding of how your emotions can translate to physical issues with your body, I want to dive into how our thoughts and intentions can affect the outcomes of our lives. Most of us have probably heard that the power of your intention or thoughts can set the tone or change an outcome. It is proven that thoughts are things. We learn from the study of physics that all things, including thoughts, have an energetic vibration. What we are thinking and our intentions put off specific vibrations, and the people around us can sense or feel that. 

I believe intentions can be interchangeable. Your intention, whether it is good or bad, will affect your health, wealth, relationships, work, and so much more. Maybe you didn’t realize them or were aware that you were having a negative outlook towards these areas in your life. The intentions we have and how we show up in our lives will change the outcome. 

Here are some scenarios from previous experiences that will give insight on this subject:


Scenario 1:

If you go into a meeting at work with your boss regarding a raise with the intention, my boss isn’t going to value my input; you will probably walk in with less confidence shown through your body language, the way you talk, and how you communicate your value. What if you walked into that meeting with the intention, “I am grateful and excited that my boss is going to hear what I have to say and value my input.”

Scenario 2:

If you have an issue with a partner, you need to have a conversation to clear the air. You shouldn’t go into the discussion with the intention that they aren’t going to listen to my point of view, or we are just going to argue. Rather than setting the intention, go into the conversation open so that you can speak calmly, communicate your needs, and come up with a compromise.

Scenario 3: You need a workout to release some stress, but you don’t have the length of time you would prefer. Do you go into it with the idea that this sucks, and I don’t think it is going to do any good? Or do you set the intention that this is going to be what my mind and body need? 


Set intentions for how you transition throughout your day

When you are transitioning through different parts of your day, are you dragging your feelings into it without noticing? For example, for me, if I had a rushed morning getting my kids off to school and I am feeling stressed, I figure out what I need to do to release those emotions. After, when I show up at work, I can serve my clients and be present for them. When I’m home, I try to decompress so that I can set the intention and be present for my kids. If you are feeling frustrated, for example, from an overload of emails you responded to before a work meeting, do you bring those emotions with you? Or do you take a few minutes to release them and try to have a clean slate when you walk in? It’s easier said than done, but once you’re aware of your feelings, you can adjust throughout your day accordingly. Keep an open mind when learning new concepts so that you can see what parts of your life can benefit from them. 


The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind:

Your consciousness is the part of the mind that is fully aware, and your subconscious mind is not in complete awareness. The consciousness holds easily accessible information; however, accessing this in the subconscious mind requires more effort. Did you know your subconsciousness consists of 90-95% of the brain? When we are aware of the things we want in life, we can program our subconscious to come up with ideas that help make our dreams become a reality. This is why it’s essential to learn how to reprogram that part of the mind with how we think, feel, and what our intentions are through meditation and affirmations. 


From Bob Proctor’s book “Thinking Into Results”

“Our conditions, circumstances and environment have no bearing on what is going to happen in our future unless we let them. You have the ability to originate/create an image of what you would like the future to be like. By impressing that picture upon the subconscious mind(letting yourself get emotionally involved with the image)  the image will ultimately move into form with and through you. The conscious mind is where we gather information, but this is not the part that controls the actions of the body. The conscious mind thinks and the subconscious mind executes what is impressed upon it and expresses itself through the body.”

Here is a visual representation of how our feelings and thoughts work with our conscious and subconscious.

Self Image

Back in 2008, when we lost everything, I had to learn how to focus on the things I’m grateful for and what I wanted instead of parts of my life that weren’t going right. After I watched “The Secret,” I was inspired to create a vision board of goals that would help me build my business. In doing this, I had a constant reminder of what I was aiming for. Over time, I started hitting those goals on my vision board.

Your mind cannot tell the difference between a real event and a vividly imagined one. We create vivid memories of the reality we want to live in to allow the cognitive dissonance to program our brain to find the solutions we seek. A way to help with these visualizations is to use affirmations, which will enable you to state what you want in the present tense so that your brain already thinks it is happening. 

How to use affirmations with visualization– Affirmations look like, “ I am so happy and grateful now that…..” While you are saying your pledge, close your eyes and play the mental movie of having that accomplished – repeat 2-3x. When I created my vision board, one of my affirmations for building my business was, “I am so happy and grateful now that I have ten clients a week, and I am booked for two weeks out.” 

The words “I am” are the most potent cues to your subconscious that you need to do something. Affirming a goal in the present tense, creates cognitive dissonance. It’s like your brain hears, “I am so happy and grateful now that I am healthy and love the relationship my partner and I have.” “What? Really?! I need to go to work night and day to figure out how that is happening.” And then your brain drops facts into your conscious mind (usually in the shower, right) with ideas like “I need to become proactive in eating healthy, or I need to show gratitude for the positive qualities my partner has! Get ready to start seeing things shift and change for the better. 

Here is additional information to help write out your affirmations with specific details to get better results! 

From “Miracle Morning Millionaires” by Hal Elrod 

Two common problems why affirmations don’t work:

Problem 1-Lying to yourself doesn’t work

Examples “I am a millionaire,” “I have 13% body fat.” 

Every time you recite an affirmation that isn’t rooted in truth, your subconscious resists it. 

 Problem 2

Using passive language doesn’t produce results. Your actions must be in alignment with your desired results. Your affirmations must articulate and affirm both. 

 Four steps to produce your miracle morning affirmations that produce results: 

“Simple steps to create and implement affirmations that will program your subconscious and conscious mind while redirecting your conscious mind to upgrade your behavior so you can produce results. Take your levels of personal and professional success beyond what you ever experienced before”.


Step 1: Identify the actual result you are committed to and why. Notice we are not starting with what you want. Everyone wants things. We don’t get what we want; we get what we are committed to. 


Start by writing down a specific result or outcome that challenges you that would significantly improve your life, and you are ready to commit to creating! Even if you are not sure how you will do it. Then reinforce your commitment by including your why-the compelling reason you are willing to stay committed. 

 Examples that are not clear with details:   “I am 100% committed to being healthy as I can be so I can be fully present with my family and work”.

 “I am committed to doubling my income over the next 12 months from ___ to ___ so that I can provide financial security for my family.” 


Step 2: Name the necessary action you are committed to taking and when. 

Writing an affirmation that merely affirms what you want without stating what you are committed to doing is one step above pointless. It can also be counterproductive by tricking your subconscious mind thinking the result will happen automatically without effort. 

 Action: Clarify the specific action, activity, or habit required for you to achieve your ideal outcome. And clearly state when and how often you will execute the necessary action. 

 Examples with details:

” To ensure I am as healthy as can be, I am 100% committed to going to the gym five days a week and running on the treadmill for a minimum of 20 minutes each day from 6-7 a.m.”

“To ensure I am 100% committed to doubling my income in the next year, I am committed to doubling my daily prospect calls from 20-40 calls per day five days a week from 9-10 a.m. no matter what.” 

 The more detailed you are, the better. Include frequency, how often, how many, and precise time you will begin and end your activities. 

 Step 3: Recite your affirmations every morning with emotion. 

Remember your affirmation are not designed to make you feel good. But, they are strategically engineered to program the subconscious mind with the beliefs and mindset you need to achieve your desired outcomes. While directing your conscious mind to keep you focused on your highest priorities and taking actions to get you there. 

 For your affirmations to be effective, you must tap into your emotions while reciting them. Mindlessly repeating an affirmation without intentionally feeling its truth will have minimal impact for you. It would be best if you took ownership of generating authentic emotions, like excitement and determination, and powerfully infuse those emotions in each affirmation. It would help if you affirmed who you need to be to do the thing you need to do to have the results you want. 

It isn’t magic. This strategy works when you connect with the person you need to become on the way to achieving your goals. It is who you are that attracts your results more than any other activity. 

 Step 4: Read your affirmations each morning during your power hour! To affirm who you are becoming with the actions that need to be taken to get your desired results. You MUST READ them daily. It is just as effective as doing an occasional workout when you are taking to get in shape. You will start seeing results when you have made them a part of your daily routine.

A great place to read your affirmations is to read them in the shower. Laminate them so they will be in front of your every day. Put them anywhere that will remind you to read them. On the car visor, you have taped to your mirror, etc. The more you read them, the more the subconscious mind can connect with the actions that need to be taken. 

Belief is the secret sauce in your affirmations, reprogramming your subconscious. That is why it is essential to have emotions behind your affirmations and feel them from the heart. You have to believe you are brave enough to change, sustain it and make your dreams a reality! That you are stronger than you know to create the life you desire! 

To reprogram on a deeper level, we are going to reconnect to our souls. Our soul is our higher power, which is always in us and around us. Over time our inner voice can take over, and we stop listening to our soul. You know the chatter in our heads that is quick to criticize and slow to forgive ourselves and allowing the words of others to have power over us. It is time to flip the script and STOP allowing the negatives to play a part of WHAT WE BECOME!


Please go to a mirror RIGHT NOW and look at yourself and verbalize out loud two to three physical features you like about yourself. If you start to notice the features, you do not like, STOP yourself and start over. Then state two to three characteristics you love about yourself. Look right into your eyes and say I love you, (your name); you got this, I believe you in, you are brave enough to make your dreams happen! You are stronger than you realize. Then state with emotions the affirmations you designed. 


I want to end this section with one of my favorite sayings by Marianne Williamson. It will help you understand why using these concepts will help bring your greatness to light.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Assignment 1

Watch “The Secret”. When I watched this movie back in 2008, it was one of my first introductions that helped me grasp the power our minds have on the outcome of our lives.


Watch on: Netflix Amazon or Read The Book 

Assignment 2

Write a description of your future self. Don’t hold back. Write out those things you have always dreamed about. Set a time frame of when you are going to meet that person. 


Here is an equation that can reprogram your subconscious mind to create sustainable changes in specific areas of your life. The unconscious mind can’t distinguish between real and imagined. The more you imagine the life you want as if it already is, the more the unconscious will work to make it a reality. You have to work from the strategy that it already is. You have to start behaving in that matter NOW in your thoughts, intentions, actions, and how you talk to yourself and those around you.  


What characteristics do you need to become the future you?


Ask yourself and write it out so that you can read and say out loud daily:

  • Who would I be?
  • What would I do?
  • How would I feel? 


I would recommend once you have these written out, put them on your mirror so you can see them every day! 


Here are some questions to help you brainstorm the answers to the questions above:

  • What would your body look and feel like if you had the health you desire? 
  • What workouts are you doing, what adventures are you able to take now that your health is where you want it?
  • How would you see yourself acting now that you’re stronger mentally and emotionally? 
  • What type of relationships would you have with your partner, kids, friends, extended family, and co-workers? 
  • Where would you live, what does your house look like, what kind of car would you drive?
  • What kind of job would you have, what would your workday/ week look like?
  • How much time would you have off of a year? 
  • Would you have a house cleaner and a personal chef(this is my list) so you could have more time for the things you want to do? 
Assignment 3

Write out affirmations with the framework from above that will help bring your future self into reality. Please start with your ignite your soul mirror work before you state your affirmations in the morning and night. Beginning with this practice will open up your heart space for genuinely believing in yourself and the affirmations you created.

Each morning and night after you brush your teeth, verbalize out loud two to three physical features you like about yourself. Then state two to three characteristics you love about yourself. Look right into your eyes and say I love you, (your name); you got this, I believe you in, you are brave enough to make your dreams happen! You are stronger than you realize. Or whatever you feel inspired to say. Then state with emotions the affirmations you designed.

Different ways your can use your affirmations:

Say your affirmation into a voice recorder and listen to them at night before you go to sleep.  Great place to read your affirmations is to read them in the shower. Laminate them so they will be in front of your every day. Put them anywhere that will remind you to read them. On the car visor, you have taped to your mirror, etc. The repetition and saying and hearing them in different formats, the more the subconscious mind can connect with the actions that need to be taken. 

Update your affirmations as you change, grow, and your dreams change. You can have an affirmation for each area of your life. 

Assignment 4

Create a vision board from assignment two. Find pictures, sayings, and phrases that light you up when you see them, and that embodies that person you will be meeting in the future.