Talks & Interviews

Here you’ll find talks and interviews with experts on specific topics related to this coaching program. 

Chakra Mini Training With Teresa Lake

Here is a recap of what we learned in the Chakra Training:

-Learned three ways to clear your chakras: crystal, “clearing” (siphoning), and Darth Vader Breath.
-Self-testing using the “sway” and “small intestine” test.
-Self-tested our individual chakras and quickly reviewed the basics of each chakra.
-Cleared individual chakras.
-Chakra Meditation
Teresa does offer in-person and virtual chakra sessions.
Here is her contact info:


Cell #: 480-703-5045

Conscious Parenting Talk With Micheline Green, M.Ed PCC

Micheline Green, M.Ed PCC is going to walk you through understanding why parents react the way we do. You will learn the brain-based guiding principles and walk away with two core powers, (you already have) to be a more calm, conscious, and connected parent.
Micheline’s Contact info:
Cell: 602.405.9853


Hormone Talk With Dr. Erin Ellis

Hormones are complex. When we think of the word hormone we likely think about testosterone, progesterone, maybe estrogen, but we also have our thyroid and our adrenals that make up our endocrine system which is our entire hormone system!

If one of these is out of whack, likely another hormone system is compensating and therefore stress…. which brings me to the big underlying component of hormone imbalance…. STRESS. If we don’t remove the obstacle to cure (stress), healing will be slow.

We can use our hormones to work for us and with us, not against us. If they are working against us then they aren’t balanced. You don’t need to take a pill either, we can balance them naturally. Your period is like our 5th vital sign, it tells us A LOT about our health!

How you can work with me?

New Patient Visits $275 (likely increasing in June!) You can book here:

4 Month Hormone Reset Program (all-inclusive program including all your consultations, labs and some supplements!) For more information:



Dr Erin Ellis contact info:

Dr. Erin Ellis, NMD
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
3336 E Chandler Heights Road Suite 123
Gilbert, AZ 85298
Schedule an appointment from her site.

Talk with Rachelle | Chinese Medicine and Women's Health

Western Medicine VS. Eastern Medicine?

For the ladies that are in my current coaching group, I have different guest speakers join our weekly calls to educate us on Women’s Health. On Friday, I had my good friend and colleague of 20 years, Rachelle Marmor, talk to us about Chinese Medicine and Women’s health. I extended the invitation to my FB group because I know she has a wealth of knowledge that can change how we view health and western medicine. If you weren’t able to join, here is the Replay of the talk!

We covered:
-Thyroid issues-how that could be connected to the throat chakra. Being heard, speaking your truth,
-How feeling relevant in your community places a HUGE part on your health and happiness
and so much MORE!

If you live in the Phoenix area and would like to schedule an appointment with Rachelle, here is her website.

If you don’t live in the area, she recommended to find an acupuncturist in your area.

We talked about many topics and had Q&A at the end. We recommend “Mind Over Medicine” by Lissa Rankin to start to have a healthier perspective with how your view diet, exercise, relationships and so much more!